March 20, 2017

The Colac Plaza team have hit another milestone with the standing of the first precast panels to the Coles box during the past week.

Due to restricted access on the site’s southern boundary, slab pours have had to be strategically sequenced to enable crane access for the installation of these initial panels.

The team now continues to push through the remaining pours of the Coles slab, and will concurrently install the precast panels to the perimeter of the main box over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, in-ground services to the tenancies of Stage 1 near completion, with the detailed preparation for the slab to commence during the next week.

With the handover of the building envelope less than a month away, things are ramping up at Highlands with the cladding progressing at a great pace and due for completion this week.

Brickwork to the north and west facades is complete, with the east and south elevations to also finish this week along with the brick cleaning.

Lock up of the building will soon be completed with the installation of glass and auto doors coming to a close.

The first coat of paint has given the building some life as the timber and monument colours begin, and footpath preparation has commenced with the first lot of paving to be poured to the buildings north boundary this week.

The plant deck and roof is nearing completion which will then allow handrails to come down by the end of this week. The cladding contractors will then finish off the remaining capping’s, flashings and details.

The Coles Aurora team are continuing their strong momentum. Aldi has officially been handed over to the shopfitters and the team are now focusing on getting Coles ready for handover in the coming months.

The Coles box is beginning to resemble an open to the public supermarket. Tiling has begun on the walls of the preparation areas, the feature bulkheads in the preparation areas have been installed along with some of the feature display cases and refrigeration equipment, and a majority of the selling floor lighting has been hung.

The back of house Coles amenities areas is almost completely finished, with the vinyl flooring and the tiling complete. The mall entry to Coles is also almost complete, with sheeting to the facades and Liquorland well underway.

Building B precast and structural steel has been erected, the internal masonry walls have commenced erection and the roof is now being prepared to be laid. Building C & D framing for the metal cladding and glazing is underway.

The structural steel for the gym at the end of Building A has been erected bringing the final shape of the main building together. In-ground services are to go in before the slabs for the ground and first floor can be prepped in the coming week.

Last of all, the Coles Express shop floor slab is ready to be poured this week with precast and structural steel to follow early next week.

Great work Coles Aurora team!

The new exposed concrete slab has been poured in the heritage building allowing for strengthening works to commence to the existing heritage roof structure.

The suspended Level 1 concrete slab is mostly completed ready for the concrete pour. Many of the cast-in slab services had to be carefully coordinated due to the exposed underside of concrete slab in the new art gallery space below.

March 8, 2017

The AutoCentro Café Project at Essendon Fields has been awarded to Maben Group.

Construction involves a new dining room, enclosed courtyard, takeaway coffee opening and provision for a kitchen with a gross building area of approximately 300m².

Maben Group are pleased to be working with Essendon Fields and Bruce Hendersen Architects once again, and look forward to another successful project.

Hayley Thompson joins Maben Group in the role of Office Administrator!

Hayley has over eight years of customer service and administration experience, including previous roles in construction and contract administration.

Welcome to the Maben Group team Hayley.

Welcome to the Maben Team Daniel Castagnini!

Daniel joins us in the role of Junior/ Undergrad Estimator, and he is currently studying his third year of Construction Management at RMIT University.

We are very pleased you have joined the team, Daniel.

Maben Group welcomes Richard Gethings to the team. Richard joins us in the role of Contracts Administrator from Buxton Construction, and comes to us with solid CA & Quantity Surveying experience within commercial and residential construction both here in Melbourne and Ireland.

Richard holds an Hons Bsc in Quantity Surveying from Limerick Institute of Technology (Ireland).

We are very pleased to have you on board, Richard.

Works have steadily increased at Highlands with the commencement of the kerb and channels well underway.

The car park areas are taking shape and all retaining wall footings are now complete with the preparation of the footpath sub-base to commence this week.

All the window frames have been installed with the first component of glass installed and the remaining to be completed this week.

Roofing installation works are very close to completion and in turn we have had a good jump start on the external cladding.

The brickwork to the facades has commenced and the wrap around the building should be very close to completion this week.

The Colac site team saw the first pour to the Coles box run smoothly Wednesday morning.

The suspended slab to Building A will be seated on over 600 screw piles to mitigate any movement from the unstable soil beneath. The rare requirement for a Vapour Mitigation System to circulate fresh air underneath the slab has been a new experience for all involved on the project, adding an extra element to manage with the prep and placement of the slab. All parties involved continue to work well together as we push to get this project out of the ground.

On an side note, the plumbers have completed in-grounds to the Coles box and the public amenities, and will now commence in the tenancies.

Fingers crossed for more of this stable autumn weather as the team sequentially work their way through the slab pours.

Standing of the first precast panels is also now on the horizon.