August 29, 2017

The Colac team have had a very busy month with the handover of the Coles box and a number of minor tenancies.

Coles have now completed the majority of their shop fit-out and the store is looking more and more like a supermarket every day.

Externally the team have continued to push through fa├žade works to Building A with the completion of cladding works now the critical focus. The Civil preparation in the car park is also maintaining momentum despite the howling wind and rain in the south west.

On another note, the rear culvert is back in motion after undergoing an unexpected engineering redesign due to troublesome ground conditions. Most screw piles to this area have now been installed to enable the continuation of the slab pours.

At the lead in to the development, the roundabout works have now commenced following a long awaited design approval from VicRoads.

The team are now hoping for more favourable weather as they head into the final month of works on site.

The first of the ground slabs were poured over the weekend, and the team are currently forming up pour 3.

In-ground services are at 95% completion, and the crane has arrived, ready for assembly today.

During the course of the last month, the Buxton Contemporary project has made significant progress in all areas of the site.

The administration and office areas in the Heritage building have had walls plastered, doors installed, and new and existing floors prepared.

Joinery units have started to arrive on site with the toilet vanities, reception, and kitchen units installed.

The art hanging wall plastering is progressing sequentially through the heritage building, new building ground and level 1 gallery areas.

Externally, the facade cladding at high level is almost complete. The lower level cladding has commenced and will be continuing along the southern elevation.

Our Essendon Fields project is at 95% completion, and the team are patiently waiting for the balance of timber cladding to arrive from America.

Once the cladding has been installed, the last of the caulking and light fixtures will be completed, and the project will then be handed over to the fitout team.

The Buxton team are powering along toward completion.

Here are a few recent external photos of the project.

What a view!

Following the existing Woolworths departure within the Wendouree Shopping Centre, we are now nearing the end of the internal strip out works.

This has enabled the commencement of the structural demolition to begin in order to obtain the entire future site of the new Woolworths, Mall, Food and Specialty Tenancies.

We have been onsite for just over a month now and have already handed over 3 specialty tenancies to fit out contractors.

The Debenhams team are benefiting from the shelter provided by the existing building on Collins Street and are powering ahead through the wet and dreary winter months.

The team has completed all the plaster ceilings and walls to the main trade floor with painting and floor tiling following close behind.

The main tenant stair has recently been formed and poured, and the lighting and other services are beginning to be fitted off.

All the long hours are starting to pay off with the flagship Debenhams store starting to take shape!

Concrete works have begun at Quest Pacific Epping with the footings for the lift over run pit now complete.

The team are currently forming up the lift over run shutters, and the first ground pour is scheduled for next week.

Keep an eye out for the crane which is set up for delivery in a few weeks time!