August 27, 2020

The EastCo site has been steadily progressing with bulk excavation works now finished and detailed excavation and structural footings nearing completion.

The team also recently installed the tower crane base which is now ready for the upcoming crane erection – keep an eye out!

Final preparations for the site gantry are underway and installation is set to begin at the end of the month.

Focus has shifted to the North Mall as the Highpoint team achieve another milestone with completion of the Level 2 tiling demolition works! Above on Level 3, the timber rod awning installation is nearing completion which has allowed the final stage of floor tiling to commence.

The Centre Court final touches are also underway with the spotted gum column cladding installation commencing, which really complements the design!

With the new Melbourne working restrictions underway for construction, the Merrifield team continue to work well on site and remotely.

Before the restrictions kicked in, the team were very pleased to see the completion of the Coles box. They have since continued on with the retail component of the development with the installation of the shopfront glazing last week.

The Woodlea team are approaching their first project milestone with the substantial completion of Coles.

Coles is progressing well whilst the entire team continue to work within COVID-19 guidelines to keep the project and community safe.

Great effort during these difficult times. Well done Team Woodlea!