November 24, 2020

Almost there….

We’re very proud of our Merrifield team who have shown great effort and productivity this year!

And now, with the last of the finishing details underway, our team are officially counting down the days to Wednesday 2 December when the doors open for business at Merrifield City!

Go Team #themabenedge

November 23, 2020

The EastCo project is moving along well with the two cores now up to Level 5!

Parts of the ground suspended slab have been poured and formwork is now well underway to the Mezzanine level.

In the lead up to the Christmas break the team are on track to complete the mezzanine concrete pours and begin formwork to the Level 1 suspended car park.

‘M’ is for MABEN!

With the first of the Merrifield City letters being installed and the Coles fit-out nearing completion, the team at Merrifield City are gearing up for the final push prior to opening!