November 24, 2020

Almost there….

We’re very proud of our Merrifield team who have shown great effort and productivity this year!

And now, with the last of the finishing details underway, our team are officially counting down the days to Wednesday 2 December when the doors open for business at Merrifield City!

Go Team #themabenedge

November 23, 2020

The EastCo project is moving along well with the two cores now up to Level 5!

Parts of the ground suspended slab have been poured and formwork is now well underway to the Mezzanine level.

In the lead up to the Christmas break the team are on track to complete the mezzanine concrete pours and begin formwork to the Level 1 suspended car park.

‘M’ is for MABEN!

With the first of the Merrifield City letters being installed and the Coles fit-out nearing completion, the team at Merrifield City are gearing up for the final push prior to opening!

With the end in sight, the Highpoint team have continued to make great progress!

Floor demolition and timber flooring infill works are complete, whilst the tiling and column cladding are well advanced throughout the project.

The awnings to the North Mall are taking shape with the final coat of paint and the Rimex panels now being installed at high level.

Maben Group has successfully handed over the Porsche Training Facility for fitout works to commence – project milestone achieved!

Inside the Volkswagen building we are seeing some fantastic progress with wall framing and service rough in well underway and the façade beginning to take shape.

Externally the asphalting is complete, allowing the concrete footpath, Quarantine Bay and fencing works to progress.

October 15, 2020

The EastCo team have finalised the gantry installation and gantry site amenities.

In-ground footings are complete and the first concrete slab has been poured for the lower ground/end of trip area.

The site also welcomed it’s first delivery of precast panels & columns this week and the team are excited to see the two 2 cores continue upwards – go team!

October 12, 2020

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the i.Co Richmond project has been awarded to Maben Group!

Inspired by Richmond’s rich industrial heritage, i.Co Richmond will consist of 14 fully self-contained three-storey offices. This office project involves the demolition of three existing buildings followed by construction of the boutique workplaces and associated car parking.

Maben Group are extremely excited to be working closely with Wilmac Properties and Watson Young and look forward to delivering a successful project!

Check out the latest progress from the Woodlea Town Centre! It’s great to see our team in Aintree have continued to make good progress despite their reduced workforce under the COVID-19 working restrictions.

Well done team!

September 21, 2020

Over the past four weeks under the current working restrictions, our team have focused their attention on the detailed façade at Merrifield City.

Gather Advanced Photography visited site last week to capture their progress.

We think it looks great! What do you think?

September 11, 2020

Exciting times on site at EastCo, with the recent addition of the tower crane to the Ringwood project!

Gantry and site shed installation is now underway, and concrete pours to start soon.