Ormond College & WIE Residential Building

  • Value: 7.8 million
  • Client: Ormond College
  • Architect: Lovell Chen
  • Date: 2016

Stage 1

The Graduate Centre is a new purpose designed accommodation facility for Post Graduate Students enrolled at Ormond College at Melbourne University. The steel and exposed brick structure comprises 5 cylindrical accommodation pods, which are interconnected by a central core staircase and passage walkway. The 3 storey building has 20 rooms and each with bathrooms and shared common area with kitchen facilities on the top floor.

Maben Group and Macrobuild worked closely with Lovell Chen in the design development process to deliver the complex project on budget whilst maintaining the individual design and quality aspirations of the Architect and the College.

The original concrete building was redesigned with a steel framed structure with curved exposed brickwork facades and window panels. Timber windows were replaced with an alternative PVC system that maintained thermal design integrity and provided a low maintenance, weather proof solution.

The building design development and construction programme occurred concurrently over a 10 month period with a budget of $3.7 million.

Stage 2

Maben Group and Macrobuild completed Stage 2 of this project in early 2016 – adding the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship Residential Building (WIE). The WIE building consists of 20 high quality student accommodation rooms, common area facilities and a private penthouse residence on the top floor. A number of the building efficiencies developed in Stage 1 were implemented on the second stage WIE project, resulting in a extremely efficient construction programme, whilst maintaining a very high level of finish.

Photos by Lisbeth Grosmann.