Our annual team activity day was held yesterday, December 1 2014. The team met at Eltham Lower Park at 9:45am, for a pre-ride debrief. At 10am, we began our 20km ride to Fairfield Boat House.

We followed the Main Yarra Trail, completing a quiz and challenges along the way. The weather was cooler in the morning, but very humid, and there were thunder storms and showers while we rode!

The ride took two hours, and ended with a delicious lunch at Fairfield Boat House. After lunch, it was up to each individual to decide how they would return home or to their cars in Eltham. A handful of people decided to make the 20km ride back to Eltham, which was truly impressive, especially as the day became very hot, and the return ride was extremely hilly.

Estimating Assistant, Lewie Eckersley, and Contract Administrator, Matt Shilton, took home the prize for most correct answers to the quiz! But honourable mention has to go to Site Foreman, Howard Turner, who diligently answered the quiz questions, and completed the challenges, only to lose his quiz sheet during a ‘stacking’ incident!

A fantastic time was had by all, with quite a few sore muscles in the Maben Office, and on site, this morning.