The Highlands internal space has been handed over to the fitout contractor and the team are now focused on the external works.

The blockwork walls have been rendered and the final coat of paint to the facades has been applied. Eaves and soffits are due for completion by end of this week with caulking to follow.

The exposed aggregate pavements to the west and south building perimeters are complete, with the remaining east boundary grey and exposed aggregate pavements scheduled for completion by mid May. Authority works progressing around the title boundaries have caused some delays in this area.

The feature columns to the west of the building have seen their first coat of paint along with the portal frames to the front also receiving some colour.

The main entry staircase has been prepped and formed, ready for the final exposed pour which will be finished at the same time as the remaining east boundary pavements.

The first delivery of louvres and screens have arrived on site and installation has commenced to the south building boundary. The plant deck screens are to follow by the end of this week with the remaining louvres expected to arrive next week.

Preparation of all earthworks and garden bed areas this week will allow the landscape works to commence, bringing some life to the outer boundaries of the project and a vision of the end result!