Maben Group completed the Highpoint Waterman project in December 2022. The 4,500sqm project was the sixth Highpoint Shopping Centre and GPT project completed by Maben.

The project involved the removal of an existing escalator, void infill and backfill demolition of level 4 of the Myer tenancy; construction of a new entry and atrium for public access from existing public transport, including two new elevators.

The project also included the partial demolition of external walls, provision of windows and removal of the existing fa├žade with brickwork replacement, and the replacement of the roof and installation of a new pop-up roof. All new services and amenities were developed at level 4.

Management staging and logistics of the project were required in a live environment, to ensure safety and continued access to the Highpoint bus terminal located at the site.

The project was completed in 14 months.