February 28, 2017

The site team at Colac Plaza are excited to see the first section of the Coles slab prepped, with the pour scheduled for tomorrow.

Recent works have included the installation of the Vapour Mitigation System that is laid in a bed of rock beneath the suspended slab. The VMS contractors will continue to work ahead of the concrete prep as pours progress.

The plumbers continue to work their way around the prep areas of Coles and we’ll see them move into the tenancies before long.

The Keysborough team have welcomed the first delivery of Woolworths refrigeration cases ahead of schedule.

Externally the tenancy & mall roof has been completed and the inter tenancy walls framed. The brick layers have also sourced some great recycled pressed reds and begun cladding the canopy & dining area columns bringing some character to the façade.

The team are progressing well at Highlands with the window framing installation nearing completion and glass ready to measure.

Stud wall framing has commenced with cladding preparation to the external frames beginning.

Civil works are progressing rapidly with the retaining wall footings nearing completion. This will then allow block work to commence soon after, along with the preparation of kerbs and channel.

Downpipes, box gutters and laying mesh to the upper and lower roofs progressed last week and the team are now ready to load the roof structure.

Brickwork to the facades have progressed and the retaining wall brickwork has begun.

Electrical & fire services rough-in is complete with the installation of the main switchboard expected to commence within the next fortnight.

February 17, 2017

The team at Coles Aurora have continued their great 2017 momentum!

Aldi is in it’s final stages, and the team are getting ready for handover to the Aldi shopfitters with the shopfront glazing, external canopy and external loading dock slabs installed.

Coles is continuing to progress well with internal plastering, painting, services and coolrooms moving along nicely. The Coles roller shutter doors are to be installed over the next week which will allow the Coles box to be locked up in preparation for handover to the Coles shopfitters.

Coles Express footings are currently being prepped and will be poured this week ready for the slab to be poured next week.

Building B in-grounds are installed and the slab is prepped ready to be poured at the end of this week with precast being erected next week.

Building D roof has been laid with Building C to be laid in the coming days.

The structural steel ground beams have continued through to the art storage and the upper level of this area.

The completion of internal demolition works of the heritage building has allowed the concretors to start forming and steel fixing for the exposed heritage floor slabs.

And externally, works have continued with the bondek being laid in preparation for the new ground floor slab to be poured this week.

February 3, 2017

The team at Coles Aurora have started the New Year well with the job progressing on all fronts.

The team is working hard to have Aldi ready to hand over to the shopfitting team in February with all internal slabs poured and roof now complete.

Coles is looking great with the selling floor slab almost completely polished and internal painting and services tracking well.

Building B footings are in the ground with the slab to be poured and precast panels to be erected in the coming weeks. Building C & D internal framing is going up and the roof is ready to be laid.

Tenancy 16 bored piers and capping beam were poured at the start of the year and precast has been erected.

Coles Express has all the in-ground services laid and the ground is being prepped for the slab to be poured soon.

The Woolworths Keysborough team have come out of the 2017 blocks strong with the roof being completed to the Woolworths box, plant room and plant decks loaded, internal services rough-in nearing completion and the bulkheads, partitions and ceilings progressing nicely.

Externally the tenancy and high mall steel is complete and ready for the roofing, and the car park sub-grade preparation has commenced.

Colac Plaza has kicked off the new year with the completion of screw piles to stage one of the development.

Refrigeration and hydraulic in-grounds have commenced and are making steady progress and the concreters are beginning to set-out their works.

Stay tuned for the first pour in the not too distant future.

The Highlands Medical Centre has steadily progressed during January.

Steel is expected to be completed this week.

Roof plumbing and stud wall framing has commenced and the rough in of electrical services is well underway.

In ground stormwater and drainage is nearing completion and the preparation of the car park sub base is now complete.

The Buxton team have reached a target milestone with a majority of the precast panels erected prior to the holiday break. This has enabled the steel rigging crew to continue their works from the heritage building to the ground steel beams under the New Art Gallery building.

The team is looking forward to progressing the new structure over the coming weeks.