The Colac site team saw the first pour to the Coles box run smoothly Wednesday morning.

The suspended slab to Building A will be seated on over 600 screw piles to mitigate any movement from the unstable soil beneath. The rare requirement for a Vapour Mitigation System to circulate fresh air underneath the slab has been a new experience for all involved on the project, adding an extra element to manage with the prep and placement of the slab. All parties involved continue to work well together as we push to get this project out of the ground.

On an side note, the plumbers have completed in-grounds to the Coles box and the public amenities, and will now commence in the tenancies.

Fingers crossed for more of this stable autumn weather as the team sequentially work their way through the slab pours.

Standing of the first precast panels is also now on the horizon.