Our annual team bonding day was held on Monday 2nd December, completing part of the Warburton to Lilydale Rail Trail combined with the Aqueduct Trail. We stayed at Oscars on the River Sunday night in preparation for our early morning bike ride. It was no doubt a difficult ride with many obstacles, including the weather (34degrees) however it was fantastic to see great team camaraderie. A small detour and a wrong turn saw the group at a dead end road with a bush trek through to the next track. Bikes were being passed over fences and through shrubs with ease due to the team effort. Thankfully, all snakes moved out of our way and we had a safe journey on the O’Shannessy Aqueduct Trail home to Warburton. Many pizzas were consumed at Little Joe’s Warburton with a thumbs up from the crowd. Thank you to all Maben team members who participated on the day, we certainly will have a tough day to top for next year.