Preston Motor Group engaged Maben Group to manage the delivery of the Porsche Brighton car dealership.

Located on the Nepean Highway, Brighton, the scope of works consisted of an extensive expansion of the existing Porsche dealership undertaken over 3 stages to enable the continued trading of the existing business.

The dealership comprises state of the art mechanics workshops comprising new pit mounted and floor
mounted car hoists, exhaust extraction systems overhead reticulated oil & air delivery systems.

An expansive new car sales showroom comprising stone floor tiles, metal pan ceilings and extensive glazing provides an impressive environment backdrop for their range of luxury vehicles.

The construction works required extensive planning and ongoing interaction with the power authorities due to the proximity of high voltage power lines to the new building making the erection of the new structure very challenging.

The ongoing operational status of the site required daily interaction with our client to enable the orderly management of construction works amongst the constant new and used car deliveries and service drop offs.

Extensive planning of construction activity within the mechanics workshops was paramount to ensure ongoing access to the maximum number of car hoists and repair stations at any one time.

Construction commenced in November 2018 and was completed over an 11 month period in 3 defined stages to mitigate disruption and impact to the existing operations.

Photography by Lisbeth Grosmann.